Rene Lalique
Rene Lalique
Rene Lalique (1860-1945) is a French that was born in 1860 6 of April. He is a furniture maker, painter, stone worker, jeweler and sculptor. 
At two years old, his family moved to suburbia of Paris, yet set out to Ay for summer occasions. Initially he spent much time taking in the strategies for designs of arts which he was going to use later. Their several travels propelled Rene Lalique' later on in his naturalistic glasswork. With the passing of his dad two years after, his academics took him to London where he was apprenticed between 1878-80 to goldsmith Louis and after that to the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. 
Rene Lalique's works in gems and silver consolidating lacquer and glass were appeared at the 1894 Paris Salon of Societe des Artistes Francais and at the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle. 
He took part in Turin at Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte Decorativa Moderna In 1902, and then in 1903 at Grafton Galleries in London, including inc Agnew's in London in 1905. He initially showed his china in 1912. His imaginativeness was in plain view all through the Paris Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes – including at his own structure IN 1925. 
At the age of 37 Lalique was appointed Chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur. At the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle he displayed an awesome accumulation of his rare and awesome gems. 
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