Jean Nouvel
Jean Nouvel
Jean Nouvel was born in 1945, August 21st at Fumel, France. Nouve’s family regularly moved when his dad turned into the region's central school director. At the age of 16, he was charmed by arts when an instructor encouraged him to draw. His folks urged Nouvel to consider arithmetic and language; the family achieved a trade-off that he could consider studying engineering. Nouve moved to Paris where he won his first prize in a national competition to attend École Nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, after failing a selection test the École des Beaux-Arts of Bordeaux. He earned his wage as an assistant to the Architect Claude Parent and Paul Virilio, who after just a single year made him the project supervisor for building an extensive flat complex. 
He finished school and went into joint association with François Seigneur, and Nouve gave valuable suggestions to the execution of the seventh version of the Biennale de Paris. Early in his career, Nouvel turned into a key member in scholarly verbal confrontations about engineering in France. Nouvel was one of the coordinators of the opposition for the restoration of the Les Halles locale 1977, and he established the major Paris Architect biennale in 1980. He had three partners, Jean-François Guyot, Gilbert Lezenes, and Pierre Soria. 
With his lesser Architects Jean-Marc Ibos, Emmanuel Blamont, and Mirto Vitart, he established Jean Nouvel et Associés. At that point, with Emmanuel Gattani, he shaped JNEC in 1988, from which his present practices, which was framed with Michel Pélissié in 1994 was one of the biggest in France, having 140 individuals in the primary office at Paris. Ateliers Jean Nouvel site workplaces are Rome, Geneva, Madrid and Barcelona. Nouvel composed a flacon for L'Homme in 2008. 
Nouvel was granted the Pritzker Prize, which was the Architecture's most elevated respect in 2008, for his work in excess of the 200 projects. Among them are the slug formed and "sweet hued" Torre Agbar in Barcelona, the "outlandishly louvered" Arab World Institute, the "insubordinate, puzzling and uncontrollably unpredictable" Musée du Quai Branly (2006), the Philharmonie de Paris, the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art (1994), Culture and Convention Center in Lucerne (2000), the "solid" Guthrie Theater with cantilevered connect in Minneapolis, and Paris, In Europe, and Opéra Nouvel in Lyon (1993), and Expo 2002 in Switzerland, and Tour Verre in New York City and a dropped townhouse tower in Los Angeles, under development, the Copenhagen Concert Hall and the courthouse in Nantes (2000); and additionally two tall towers in arranging in North America, 
He married Odile Fillion and with two children, with his second spouse Catherine Richard, Nouvel also has a little girl, Sarah. 

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