A French illustrator and designer in decorative arts. Paul Iribe started his education in Paris between 1908 to 1910, where he studied at the École des Beaux-Arts including the College Rollin. Born in 1883, in Angouleme France. When he was just seventeen years old, Paul Iribe gave delineations to the mainstream L'Assiette au Beurre and furthermore contributed illustrations and cartoons for some French satirical papers. 
Paul Iribe's work is basically recognized by the representations he executed for style diaries, for example, La Gazette du Bon Ton where his enchanting vignettes of the most recent modes advanced the plans of couturiers. The interest of the illustrations lay in their portrayal of polished ladies seeking after the regular exercises of a princely way of life. Iribe's illustrations vocation was a productive one, contributing content and visuals to Vogue magazine; he also planned textures, furniture, mats and did some insider plan work for affluent clients. 
In 1933, Iribe teamed up with Coco Chanel in the outline of unrestrained gems pieces dispatched by the International Guild of Diamond Merchants. The couturier Paul Poiret perceived Iribe's ability and got him to make illustrations, which would compellingly speak to the new models in his gathering. These illustrations were later aggregated into a collection, "Les Robes de Paul Poiret racontée standard Paul Iribe" distributed in 1908. 
In 1919 Iribe was in Hollywood selected for configuration work by movie chief Cecil B. DeMille. In Hollywood, Iribe honed similar outline sensibilities for which he was famous in Paris. His portrayal of Egypt for DeMille's 1923 "TheTen Commandments," was not a Biblical interpretation but somewhat unadulterated Hollywood dream, all lacquered style, and opulence. 
In 1924 Iribe was given some control over a movie venture which he executed, set fashioner and costumer. The film turned out to be an essential debacle. The New York Times gave it a blistering survey, calling the movie ridiculous, and the course "amateurish. Iribe was a man inclined to outrage, yelling matches, and clench hand battles when repudiated and did not charm himself to associates. He occupied himself with a managed quarrel with DeMille's key ensemble fashioner, Mitchell Leisen, which brought about Leisen being terminated by DeMille in 1923. 
After Iribe's extreme and notorious disappointment with "Evolving Husbands," DeMille was compelled to make peace with Leisen and bring him back. For his film "Ruler of Kings," DeMille allowed Leisen as a head originator. 
Back in Paris, an incidental award anticipated Iribe. His better half Maybelle gave him his particular plan foundation committed to the enlivening expressions situated on the trendy Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Paul Iribe died on 21st of September 1932, in France, at the age of 52. 
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