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DIM - Decoration Interieure Moderne

RENE JOUBERT  (? -d. 1931) and PHILIPPE PETIT (1900-1945)

The partnership of Rene Joubert and Philippe Petit commenced in 1924 when Petit joined the already existing DIM. Together Joubert et Petit executed a wide range of commissions, always designing furniture of the finest quality which was produced in the firm's workshop. Joubert and Petit were traditionalists who took their inspiration often from Louis XVI or Restoration, their work was produced in small editions for an elite clientele. Warm woods which included rosewoods, walnut, and macassar ebony imparted their desired sense of luxury and decoration was provided by burled veneers with a pronounced grain. D.I.M. participated in the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, Paris. Their dining room in the Ambassade Francaise sparked great excitement and the critics hailed it as a tour de force of sobriety and harmony. By 1930 they had become one of the largest studio-galleries in Paris. Their commissions included installations on the 1931 oceanliner L'Atlantique Joubert's untimely death in 1931 led to Petit's resignation. He continued to exhibit independently at the salons, and died in 1945.